è ora open source

Ciao ragazzi, dopo aver ricevuto un sacco di mail a riguardo ho provveduto a rendere open source il codice di Enjoy!

NetBeans: dark look and feel with Darcula LAF

Darcula is a dark look and feel that first appeared in the 2012 release of IntelliJ IDEA 12 and now it’s available for NetBeans thanks to Revivius (plugin owner) and to Konstantin Bulenkov (for open sourcing original Darcula LAF). If you want more info about Darcula LAF you can read the interview with Konstantin Bulenkov.

Design Patterns in PHP

Per chi non sapesse cosa sono i Design Pattern ecco la definizione in sintesi: A software design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. Chiaramente sono nozioni che vanno applicate con criterio altrimenti si rischia il cosiddetto “over-engineering”: complicare le cose inutilmente e risolvere […]

A cosa serve la cartella /.well-known/?

Se controllate i file di log del vostro webserver (Apache, nginx, ecc…) noterete alcune chiamate ad url come questi (molto probabilmente con codice 404): /.well-known/apple-app-site-association (Apple association file) /.well-known/assetlinks.json (Google digital asset links) /.well-known/dnt-policy.txt (Do Not Track policy) /.well-known/acme-challenge/ (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) Come potete notare hanno in comune la cartella /.well-known/ (well-known locations) a […]

Force Composer to require/fake a specific PHP version

If you are developing with the newest PHP and are running production with a very outdated version you will find useful the fake platform feature of Composer (the perfect solution would consist to use the same platform on your development, staging and production servers). platform Lets you fake platform packages (PHP and extensions) so that […]