How to opt-out your Wi-Fi from Microsoft Wi-Fi Sense and Google Location Server

As you know Windows 10 is out with all the related privacy issues (you should be aware of): what makes Wi-Fi Sense controversial is that it encourages you to crowdsource private Wi-Fi network passwords with your Outlook, Skype and Facebook contacts.
Google Street View cars were found to be collecting data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in 30 countries worldwide; Google feeds this data into its location database, the Google Location Server, and now collects from Android phones and tablets.
To opt-out your wifi from Microsoft Wi-Fi Sense and Google Location Server you need to change the SSID in this way:

  • Opt-out from Microsoft Wi-Fi Sense including _optout somewhere in the Wi‑Fi network name (SSID);
  • Opt-out from Google Location Server changing the network name (SSID) so that it ends with _nomap.

So if you’re sensitive about privacy concerns you should have a SSID like this: myoriginalssid_optout_nomap.

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